It's time to get to your truth



Do you feel fully alive and at your best in your life?

Are you on track to fulfill your potential?

If not, I'm here to help.


    All The Details:

    • What you get: 6 private, 1 hour coaching calls with me.  Our 1st call will be 1.5 hours.
    • 1 call per week, over 6 powerful and transformative weeks. 
    • I will hold You, and your dreams and desires, in a vortex of vibrational reality, like sacred space, for the duration of our work together. 
    • We'll be using the phone if you are in Vancouver, and Skype if you are elsewhere in the world. 
    • You will be open, willing and wanting to change, to have fun, and fully committed to Yourself.
    • You will have a burning desire to close a gap on a particular aspect of your life. For eg, it could be that you have recently started a new role, project or relationship so you have expanded but haven't quite stepped in to who you've now become. Your confidence level needs to be re-calibrated. Or perhaps you've always wanted to bring a dream into manifestation but haven't been ready to move forward until now.  This is your opportunity to learn to be the person you need to be, the person you truly are, to allow that dream into your reality. Or perhaps you've started but would like to accelerate! Or maybe it's something else, you can let me know.
    • $1,200.00 CAD + 5% GST. 

    What To Do Next:

    • Grab your credit card and then click on the button below (Yes Please) to complete your secure purchase. 
    • You will then receive your Welcome Package from me. It will include your Coaching Preparation Forms, our Coaching Agreement, and date/time options for our 1st coaching session. At our 1st call, we will set up the remaining sessions.
    • If you have any questions at all you can email me at any time. I've got you covered!


    Private VIP Coaching Package

    This price includes 5% GST ($60).

    New Private VIP spot.

    Starting in March 2018.

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