Coaching is my way of helping you gain inner clarity, take focused action, and have maximum impact in your professional and personal life.

At a peak point in my career, I paused to reevaluate my criteria for success and realized that I had surpassed it! Inspired and excited, I decided to embrace uncertainty and took a sabbatical to celebrate my achievements and explore a new dimension of freedom.

I pursued my interests old and new: studying greek mythology, quantum physics, the technology industry, and photography; I danced, wrote, sang, volunteered and traveled wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, as much as I wanted. I connected with friends and family choosing to nurture some relationships and let go of others.

My gleanings like pearls of wisdom, have infused my daily life with practice, joy, and conscious choice, even in the contrast of “undesirable” experiences.

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As a self-leadership coach I work as a catalyst for women and men to connect with their inner inspiration, move into alignment with their values, empower themselves, and fall in love with their lives, everyday.