It’s my honour and great pleasure to co-create with every one of my clients. They’re amazing people and potent forces in this world. Jenny X


"I always feel so damn good after seeing you. Like all is right with the world!"

My work with you has transformed my relationship with myself. The results ripple out and positively effect every area of my life.  There is nothing I can't explore or discuss with you.  It's an honour to work with such an open and loving person.  In every session I've experienced a realignment of sorts; like chiropractic work for the head and the heart. 




With every conversation, things cleared up so much for me, I knew exactly what was best for me.

The coaching sessions I had with Jenny were tremendous. She really created a deep powerful connection between us during our calls. With every conversation, things cleared up so much for me, I knew exactly what was best for me. Through her coaching, I came to find the inner peace that I had been desiring all along. Jenny gave me the space to express myself freely, and led me to come up with my own realizations for myself. I felt totally empowered and completely in charge of my own life. I am in eternal appreciation for our coaching together. Thank you Jenny. ARA AGNERIAN


"Think of it like having a Personal Trainer for the Mind."

I had just started a new job and I was starting to feel weighed down.  Weighed down by my own self-limiting beliefs, self-doubts and insecurities.  Am I good enough? Can I do this?  Being the self-aware person that I am, I knew that it was my own beliefs and judgments that were holding me back from my success and from finding joy in my new challenges. It was in my wisdom that I realized that I needed help.  What I loved about coaching with Jenny is that we set out a specific time period and frequency for coaching sessions. 

I looked forward to all my sessions because I always had a different challenge in the moment that I wanted to work on with Jenny.  The greatest outcomes were the epiphanies and new found realizations that I had about my old beliefs.  After each session I felt liberated and free from the little breakthroughs that I had.  Now when I feel the insecurities creeping back, I remember my sessions with Jenny, and I use some of the tools and exercises that I learned. I can even go back to my notes that Jenny provided to me after each session.  

Today, I am happy, healthy and finding the joy in my day to day challenges because I have worked on various self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  Albert  Einstein said it well: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."



Today I act, speak and lead authentically, at work and at home.

I started coaching with Jenny because I wanted to change my circumstances professionally. Especially I wanted to change my mindset while I was at work. I was feeling frustrated.  I felt like I was asleep and just drifting through each day not really planning or focusing on the present and on my career.

Jenny helped me to centre myself and to focus on my strengths and my capabilities. She also helped me to visualize and experience where I wanted to be and to establish tools to remind me and keep me focused. 

I experienced clarity; increased confidence in my abilities; and best of all I experienced a renewal

Today I act, speak and lead authentically, at work and at home. I now see opportunities and I am fully engaged in every moment. I’m a more effective leader and I have the necessary tools.  I’m bolder, more deliberate but mindful of my circumstances. 

Thank you, Jenny, for gracefully guiding me on this journey to my power and essentially back to me. Forever grateful.


Ioana testimonial 3.jpg

I felt like I had the right partner and the right support all the way through, making my dream a reality.

What I love about Jenny is her way of helping me get ready for each coaching session. Her coaching actually starts before the session, with me, when I set an intention towards what I want. And there is one particular question Jenny asks that gets me to the roots of where I’m coming from, is always relevant, and it helps me get clarity in my thinking.

I like being challenged in my decision process and this is where I deeply appreciate Jenny’s way of asking the right questions, making sure I’m still on track for reaching my objectives.

One session after another, things came together like pieces of a puzzle. It may not have all made sense to me at the start, but Jenny kept me accountable and rolling. She’s been keeping the big picture for me in my journey, as I’ve been developing strengths to win each step of the way towards my big goal.

Thank you, Jenny, for standing by me and for helping me say YES to myself!



I didn’t realize how much I needed a coach, until we worked together. I’m not about stars aligning or serendipitous moments (regularly..!) The timing happened to be more advantageous than I could have imagined. You’ve been such a wonderful guide and amazing coach to support me through personal and career challenges. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you a million times Jenny! KATRINA GERONIMO

"There is a lot of pride in taking control of your life. I believe in myself and the life I want.  It's an incredible feeling to be able to say that with confidence, and now I can! Thanks Jenny!"

I'm stealing this from Oprah, but she said one of the greatest things you can do for someone is to say: 'I see you, I hear you, and what you have to say is important to me.' That's what I feel when I sit down with Jenny. My success and happiness is her priority. It's quite amazing to have someone like that in your life! Coaching with Jenny has allowed me to feel super empowered because I’m the one coming up with my own solutions. 

Since coaching with Jenny, my situation has changed because I have taken responsibility for my life.  I make decisions based on my values - my personal & professional life, my friendships, my creativity, and my confidence - all of these have grown in a way that makes me feel pretty damn good about myself, and in turn, the people in my life have benefitted as well.  Self-love and self-acceptance – this has been the greatest gift I have received since working with Jenny! I now realize that all my future achievements will feel so much sweeter because of the love and acceptance I have found for myself. Clarity – Jenny asks me the questions that get me clear on what it is I truly desire. Jenny creates an environment that I feel very safe in. There is no judgement, only support. Because of this, I have opened up, not only to her, but to myself.  That deep space of resourcefulness is where I have found my clarity, which has been an incredible stepping stone to taking action.



"She is 100% in it for you!"

Jenny and I completed our coach training together at Erickson International. Her vibrancy and energy attracted me to her immediately and I soon learned that she had many other traits that contributed to her ability to connect and inspire the people around her. Following our training I continued to work with Jenny and she began coaching me as I transitioned into a promotion at work and into a new era of my life (motherhood). Jenny helped me maintain focus and create clear steps to take me where I wanted to go. Her energy is naturally uplifting, and her ability to coach is ingrained. 



"The world is not leading me. I am leading the world."

I was going through a lot of uncertainty and change in my life when I approached Jenny. At first her “self leadership” ideas sounded like a hippie hype - after all we live in the world where we are waiting for something or someone to direct our lives and here I am speaking to Jenny who’s suggesting that I can lead myself, I can inspire myself! That in this world full of noise and opinions, the only person I can rely on to lead myself in the RIGHT direction… is ME.

Through our coaching I was able to discover that even during times of uncertainty I can find things I can be certain about, like becoming a better animator, improving my health, managing my debt. Standing in the sea of uncertainty, I found an ocean of things I could be certain about.

Jenny has a gift of asking and structuring the right questions in such a way that leads to a deep level of down to earth, real, self awareness. When I became aware of the patterns that had been guiding my decisions, I was able to change them and create an actionable plan to evolve my limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs.

It took time. Self Leadership coaching boosts your evolution. It’s an organic process. Don’t rush it. Jenny equipped me with tools I use daily to stay on track. I am evolving and refining daily.

By working with Jenny, l discovered that the world is not leading me, I am leading the world. When you are operating at that level… there’s no one to blame anymore for anything… there are only opportunities for evolution, for becoming better, for becoming invincible, amazing, beautiful!   



"I really valued the experience of coming to my own insights through her clear questions and steady focus."

Within one coaching session with Jenny, I was able to not only clarify my purpose for my business, but I also had a clear action plan on how to move forward. I left the session feeling inspired and capable and have since moved forward with ease and excitement in my business.




"I leave a session with Jenny feeling like a force to be reckoned with."

At 22, I felt like I had developed a real sense of who I am, and a positive vision of the person I want to continue to grow into. Pipe dream in tow, I set out to develop a path to get there. The problem, or so I thought, was that my desires were unrealistic; I was dreaming "too big". My major issue centered around a lack of empowerment, and a gross underestimation of my abilities. This soon turned into stagnancy and ambivalence; I was stuck!

Jenny’s platform of honest conversation and self evaluation helped me to focus, break down my goals and clarify a way to move forward with them. Her unique perspective and genuine interest in all aspects of life allowed me to be ambitious, without contaminating those ambitions with judgments or perceived limitations. That appetite for learning, challenge, and growth inspired me to maximize my personal and professional potential. What I gained from my time with Jenny has gifted me an ability to connect with myself and others in a way that I am incredibly grateful for.

To me, there is nothing more fascinating than a commandingly intelligent woman who can communicate with ease, hold a meaningful conversation, and turn her ideas into reality. Jenny demonstrates by action; the beauty and power of intelligence, confidence, unprovoked kindness, and sincere support. I am obsessed with seeing women encourage and empower other woman in the way that Jenny radiates so naturally. 



"This was a journey to my heart; suddenly I was out of overwhelm and back in the realm of possibility."

Jenny is a great listener; each of her pertinent questions showed me how my own answer could guide me ever closer to acknowledging my true yearnings and goals. In that process, the picture before me cleared. This was a journey to my heart; suddenly I was out of overwhelm and back in the realm of possibility. Thank you, Jenny!      M. CHRISTINE BUCKHAM