Don’t meet me where I am.

Accept me where I am and guide me up. Back into the light.

I don’t need you in the depths of my despair, my murky waters, with me. What good does that really do me? None.

I take no solace in knowing that you feel my pain. When I’m down. I don’t want you to meet me where I am. I truly don’t.

I want you to accept me where I am. And to continue to see me in my power. In my dreams. In my desires. I want you to love me like that.

Don’t try to fix me or change me. Just hold me.

Hold the space. Constant. Be a strong, unwavering place for me to Be. To allow me to go through it in my own way.

And hold strong your love for me. See me in my power. See me in my beauty and strength and joy and all the magnificence that I truly am.

Hold that light for me so I can see my way out of the darkness… back into the sunshine and clarity that is the truth.

Do not meet me where I am. What good will you adding your pain and worry to my space do for me? Or adding your anger or your despair. Do either of us? None. Absolutely none. That’s not the comfort that empowers me.

Be the light. Hold the light. And let me follow your lead. 



Photo credit: Li Feng