It’s New Year’s Eve here in Vancouver and I’m curled up by the fireplace, writing this love note to you.

As I leave behind 2018 and I look forward to a fabulous fresh new year, I want you to celebrate you.

So, I invite you to do this fun exercise and, if you feel like it, share it with me. Or just do it for yourself. Either way is great because a) you’ll be celebrating you and b) you may realize that you’re even more awesome than you thought and accomplished more than you remember!

I’m calling it the A to Z of Celebrating You. (I saw it on facebook but have no idea where it came from.)

This is how it goes: Get a blank piece of paper, or your journal, and list the alphabet. Next to each letter, write something that you appreciate about yourself, or something you’ve accomplished in the past year that you enjoyed doing.

Here’s an example of the 1st few letters from mine:

Abraham – I visited with Abraham-Hicks in Seattle.

Best Woman – I was the Best Woman at friends Martin and Wendy’s wedding and I aced it!!

Comedy – I love comedy and I learnt a lot about the craft and skill of it this year. I watched a lot of comedy and am a funny comedian myself. ;)

… to


You get the idea. Go celebrate you!

With love,

Jenny X