Sometimes, people live their lives like the elephant that was captured as a baby and put within an electric fence. The baby elephant quickly learnt that any time it tried to wander outside that perimeter, it came in contact with that fence, and it got hurt. And it didn’t like to hurt. No one does! So it learnt to play within that fence. (Kudos to the elephants!)

Later, when the fence was removed, the elephant didn’t try to move past that perimeter. It thought the fence was still there and it didn't want to get hurt. It was limited by a belief that was no longer true! 

As a Self-Leadership Coach, I help people see that the fence is no longer there and that they can roam free and play and frolic and try out new places, new games, new ways of being. Meet new people and have new experiences. Achieve new heights, new accomplishments.

Every time we come up against a limiting belief, we know it because it hurts. That pain can range from discomfort to disease. But as intelligent humans we can also know that it is not real. It is in our mind. And we have options and opportunities to break through that perceived limitation and roam further and further. Play more and more. Live to our fullest capacity. 

My heart always wants to roam. Further and further. I will not stop. That is the joy of being alive. And when I come up against a limiting belief, I must blow it out of the way if I am to be happy. 

Your life is producing far more desires than your beliefs are allowing you to experience. In other words, you’re in your own way. 

So… what are you going to do about it? 


With love,

Jenny X


Photo cred: Jenny Xenos