Find your favourite sultry song.

When you're ready...

Play it.

Dance x 2 minutes.

Stand, feet slightly apart.

Breathe in and out of your heart x 3 times. Deeply.

Feel the place in your body where your passion lies, resting until you invite it to uncoil.

Let your body’s vital energy force expand to 2 feet beyond your body.
Feel it come back into your centre.

Close your eyes and move your hips. Around and around.
Ahh… that feels good.

Tip your head back.

Touch your neck. With both hands. Stroking. Slowly.

Lick your lips.

Smile, softly.
Smile, wider. Wide.

Look up and drink in a long breath of air.
Pulse open as you release.

Do it for love.
Do it for us.

Bend over. Hang. Roll back up, slowly. One vertebra at a time.

Stand tall. Chest up and out. Grounded.

Sweep your arms up. Up, high.

Open them wide.

Let life embrace you.

Can you feel the kiss on your neck?

Can you hear the whispers…?
      I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.
      I love you.
      I am you.