Self Leadership… what is it?
It’s being your own leader. It’s being your own guru. 
And the only way you can do that is through knowledge of self and application thereof.  While in constant evolution.
It’s self-knowledge -> self-realization -> self-empowerment -> self-actualization. 
So, how do you be your own leader?  What are the characteristics of leadership when applied to one's self?
Here are the ones that I have found, so far, to be integral to Self Leadership.  As I continue to evolve, I expect this list will too.

  1. Knowing you are free. Free to choose what you think and how you feel and hence what you are creating in your life for yourself. (Regardless of the external circumstances. Always.)
  2. Taking responsibility for what happens in your life.  Nothing happens TO you, it happens because of you and for you. No judging, no blaming, no defending.
  3. Realizing how powerful you truly are, because of 1 and 2 above, and owning it.
  4. Knowing that you operate holistically - on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic plane – and you take excellent care of all of your self, so you can perform and be at your optimum levels of happiness.
  5. Leveraging your physiology and mastering your psychology and your energy, to give your self the maximum happiness and “success”.
  6. Defining “success” on you own terms. 
  7. Knowing that your natural state is one of joy and well-being.
  8. Loving, respecting and appreciating your self. (BTW - From this place, respect and love for all other beings flows naturally too.)
  9. Making the best of everything, wherever you are.
  10. Operating from an abundance perspective.
  11. Constantly acquiring new knowledge (books, teachers, etc) but knowing what’s right for you. It’s checking in with yourself, always. No matter who the “authority/expert” is supposed to be.
  12. Trusting your self and believing in your self. (Not allowing doubt to take hold.)
  13. Being prepared AND knowing how to improvise.
  14. Being an excellent focuser.
  15. Knowing how to inspire your self. (It’s an inside job.)
  16. Uplifting others. (Sincere encouragement and an expectation of someone’s success is the greatest gift you can give another.)
  17. Integrity. What you say and what you do tell the same story about who you are.
  18. Honesty and transparency. No hidden agendas. (But also, no spilling your guts in public to heal yourself. I’m seeing this a lot lately.)
  19. Owning your desires, dreams, preferences. Unapologetically.
  20. Knowing what you want, while being flexible and open in how it comes to you. (Creativity plays a big part.)
  21. Giving yourself permission. Not waiting for it from someone else.
  22. Merging the destination with the journey, in your heart and in your daily life.
  23. Being fully present in the now, while creating your future.
  24. Being a visionary. Cultivating your imagination. (You really do have to believe it before you see and touch it.)
  25. Relaxing, having fun and playing. Constantly.
  26. Being responsible for and accountable to, your self. Not needing someone else to hold you accountable.
  27. Resilience. When you drop the ball you pick it back up. You don’t waste energy and time beating up on yourself – you learn and move on.
  28. Consistency.
  29. Riding the waves of uncertainty and learning to be comfortable there.
  30. Understanding different types of fear and how to deal with each. So much, that you become fearless in certain situations.  (Being chased by a bear excluded.)
  31. Doing your best every day and knowing your best may not be the same each day.
  32. Not “sacrificing” for another. Keeping yourself full so you have plenty to then give to another.
  33. Allowing others to be, do, say and have whatever they’re creating for themselves, respecting their choice to do so, while staying true to yourself. This is not the same as tolerating - it’s truly allowing, without feeling threatened in any way. (And it’s not the same as sympathy. When we view someone with sympathy we are disempowering them.)
  34. Not trying to control or change anything else but the one thing you do have control over – your self. Your thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.
  35. Knowing how to use your feelings as your GPS. How to trust your intuition and how to follow your bliss.
  36. Knowing that we are all connected, all of life is connected, and we are in it together. Don’t compare or compete.
  37. Commitment to your self and being all that you can be. (Sounds corny but it is necessary for Self Leadership.)

This is how I want to live my life. The leader of my self, the captain of my ship.  I’m not all these things all of the time. And that’s OK – it’s a practise and I’m learning. (Note, self-appreciation in application.)  We’re constantly expanding and evolving, so we are going to wobble. Especially as we get up to speed with the next level of our growth.
But living like this, this is empowering! This is living at it’s best… and I’m in love with it!
My invitation to you: Choose one characteristic that resonates the most for you, and decide to do something about it. Something that will open you up to your next level. Step up – be your own leader! You’ve got this!

With love,


Photo cred: Serjay Burlak