For me, it all begins and ends with Love. Which is why I wanted my first letter to you to be about Love!

We're born as beings of pure Love.  And I believe that when we transition out of our bodies in this time space reality, we go back to being pure Love. Source Energy, God(dess), Supreme Consciousness, All That Is.

On an everyday, practical level, I start my day with meditation and a contemplative appreciation practice that tunes me in to the highest vibration (aka best feeling ever): Love.  At night, the last thing I do before I go to sleep is an appreciation journaling practice and meditation that again, hooks me into the vibration of Love. My essence.

When we begin a relationship with a special man/woman it’s all about the love and loving. Then, if we are no longer together, amicably or perhaps acrimoniously, I get to a place where I can look back at the relationship and love it for all I experienced and what it taught me. All the growth. And I can once again tune into the love I had for my man/woman. Love, from afar, but love nonetheless.

There’s nothing I have experienced in life that I cannot, given some time or a new perspective, feel love for. Even the hardest times.

Why? Because that is my true nature. Love. It is yours too. 

I was in Hawaii a few months ago, with a good friend and business collaborator. Sitting on our lanai one morning, looking out at the ocean, I found myself calmly and softly declaring: “All I want to do is spend the rest of my life making love, loving, being love. That is All.” 

No drum rolls, no crazy jumping up and down. But I knew, as soon as the words were spoken, that I had just made a life changing declaration. You can’t declare something like that without knowing that the entire Universe heard.  And it shifted to accommodate me.

No going back. (Not that I would ever want to.) My body suffused with Joy. With Truth. It was as if everything around me recognized Me. I broke out in delighted laughter. And that was It. The beginning and the end. My alpha and my omega.

I vowed that everything I did from then on I would do by making love with it. My writing, the attainment of my next goals, my art, my coaching & workshops, driving, riding the bus, swimming, grocery shopping, my business plans, meetings, conversations, ordering a tea, cooking, eating, gym workouts, sex, laundry, dancing, showering. Everything!

Everything is an opportunity for love.  

I knew I was going to have the most fun ever!  I knew I was embarking on a journey that was going to take me to places I’d never been before, new paths, new discoveries... people and experiences I couldn't even imagine in that moment.   

This was deep stuff! Profound. Clear and pure.

What do you want to declare?

What do you want to dedicate the rest of your life to?

Have you done it yet?

Go ahead – do it – and know that the entire Universe will shift to accommodate you!

With Love,
PS. I’d love to hear your declaration or dedication, so if you feel like sharing, please leave a comment below and let me know.  xo

Photo cred: Jenny Xenos