Let It Go.
It comes in many forms....

The need to be right.  (That’s a sneaky one! Often hidden underneath something else like anger.)
Wishing things were a certain way.
Wishing someone was different.
Wishing you were somewhere else.
The next question for me has always been:  How do I “let it go?”   

The answer, I have learnt, is not as a hard as I once thought.  In fact, it’s pretty easy: Replace it with what feels better.  It doesn’t have to feel a whole lot better.... a little relief is enough.  In fact, it is more than enough!  It is exactly what you need.
What feels better? 

Self – recrimination or self – appreciation? (I did my best at the time.  I’m doing my best now.)
Blame or acceptance?
Going over the past or dreaming about the future?
Wanting to be right or not giving a hoot?
Wishing you were somewhere else or looking around for something to appreciate right here and now?
Wishing someone was different or picking one of their qualities that you admire and focusing on that?
Wishing things were a certain way or finding something you like about the current situation and feeling appreciation for that?
You see, it really isn’t that hard.  We just need to be willing. Willing to let it go. 

Our desire to feel better has to be stronger than our need to hold on.  And that’s a choice.  A choice we make over and over again.
And once it starts to feel better, stay that course and it will have a snowball effect! Solutions you never imagined will come to you.  Appreciation and joy and laughter will be created. You will start moving forward with eagerness. You will be All of Who You Truly Are. (Trust me.) Trust the process.
Let go of whatever you need to.  Give yourself the chance to be All of You; It’s what you’re here for. The rest is all BS. Let it go.
With Love,


Photo cred: Serjay Deon Burlak