What do you hold most sacred: your joy or other people's pain? 

It shouldn't be a one or the other question, but it helps to know.  Because sometimes, you're faced with the decision: do I hold my joy as sacred and give myself permission to keep my light bright, or do I dim it for the sake of someone else's lower vibration and sit and share in their pain?  

As human beings, we hate to see others suffer. Of course. But we have also bought in to the myth that we must bow to the suffering of someone else's pain. That we must dim our light in the face of darkness.

The truth is, you can't be sad enough to lift another's sorrow. You can't be poor enough to enrich someone else's life.  Only in your own wealth, can you spread your riches to others. Only in your own happiness can you uplift another. 

This is what I have learnt to be true.  Food for your thoughts.

Let me know what you think below.

With love....jx



Photo Cred: Jenny Xenos