I’ve realized that when I choose to do something, but don’t fully line up with it - am not 100% behind my decision - I don’t feel quite right. Something feels off. And that’s because I have split energy.

If my whole heart isn’t in it, I am splitting my energy. And split energy makes me less effective, less successful and life less enjoyable. Split energy causes discomfort at the least... grief at the most.

Split energy means I'm not in alignment with myself. Not in integrity. I value my integrity. Split energy feels heavy. Opposite to Light. (One of my Core Desired Feelings.)

Choosing to binge on Netflix while secretly judging myself for it... diminishes my belief in myself.

Choosing to eat chips instead of the soup I believe is healthier for me… I’m eating guilt not potatoes!

These small decisions may seem innocuous but it’s the small decisions that make up our ideas of who we are.  It’s the small decisions, a hundred times a day, that weave the tapestry of our life.

When we continue to do something that, on some level, we believe isn't "good" for us... well then... it won't be good for us. Our beliefs are what shape the outcomes. 

So, I have 2 chooses if I want to get in alignment with myself (and I do!) - I can either change my belief about what I am doing, or, stop doing it.

Either way, that frees me up to love every choice I make; embrace every decision! The small ones and the bigger ones.

And that puts me back in alignment with myself - where I feel my best! Anything less than that isn't good enough any more.


Are there any choices you continually make that you don't believe are good for you? If so, what's something you can do to change that and feel good?



Photo cred: Jenny Xenos + Serjay Burlak