“When you honestly experience yourself in all ways, you are making love.”

I read that sentence from Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg and it made me stop. I wondered – was it true?  Yes!  And if you’ve read my 1st post, you know about my declaration in Kauai in February 2015.

“When you honestly experience yourself in all ways, you are making love.”


Let’s make love…

What have you been hiding from regarding yourself?  Acknowledge it, hold it gently. Let your light shine on it. Your vulnerability can be your strength.

What have you been lying to yourself about? Let your lies lead you to your deeper truth.

What do you most appreciate about yourself?  Turn it up and let it radiate out to the world.

What do you find funny about yourself? Smile about it.

What do you admire about your mind? Appreciate it. How else can you leverage it?

What is one of your character strengths?  How can you use it in a new and different way?

Scan your body. What hurts? Send it love and know it will heal.

Choose one thing that you love about your body. Touch it and adore it.

What is your favourite song? Play it. Sing it. Move to it. Let your juices flow and then sit in the joy of it.

What do you believe in? Stand up for it.

Where does your faith flow? Trust it.

What do you want? Let your desires reveal more of you.


Thank you. The world is a better place because of you and the love you just made. 


Photo cred: Serjay Deon Burlak