Everything is about perspective.


And when we exercise our free will to change the way we perceive something, then we are using our power.

And when we choose to perceive that thing (experience or person) in the same way our Soul/Inner Being/Spirit perceives it, then we are in alignment with our Highest Self. We are in alignment with the Energy that creates worlds. We are in flow with the Universe, God, Source.  (Get what I mean?  There are many ways to say it.)

And when we are in alignment, we are on fire! From this place, we can be and do anything. We are resourceful and solution oriented. We are wise, clear, and full of vitality. Basically, we are happy. 

So, how do we know we are in alignment? We feel good. Good is anything from hope and OKness to love, appreciation and exhilaration.

I’ve been practicing this. Thought by thought. I invite you to try it, if you aren’t already doing it. It’s easier than it might sound. It takes focus and diligence, paying attention to your emotions (as your indicators of alignment) and stopping to “think”. It’s empowering and fun!

How we think about something is the only thing that affects our life experience.  How we view something is how we experience our entire life.

Is there something in your life that you need to change your perception about? Go ahead, find a broader perspective, see it through the eyes of your Source and then watch what happens.

And let me know by leaving a comment below – I’d love to hear about it.


With love... Jenny X


Photo credit: Tania Simpson on Flickr