What if there’s nothing more important than FEELING GOOD?
Why? Because that’s where you are closest, most in tune, with your soul. That’s when you vibrate with the universe. 

And in that alignment, your body is healthiest – enabling you to do anything you want; your mind is operating at its optimum – clear and resourceful – enabling you to receive solutions and answers to all the problems and questions; and your heart is fullest – enabling you to give love, receive love and be love. And so much more.  
Body, mind and heart aligned with my soul.  Simple really.
Are all our natural states of being.
Sing, skip, play, be joyful, know well-being, expand, grow, question, find interest, want more, feel good – it’s all natural for us.  And anything else is resisting the natural state of who we are.
OK. Got it :)
This isn’t just warm fluffy talk. (Though I love me some warm fluffy pillow talk.) There is science and spirit behind it. Philosophers from Aristotle to Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts have been saying it for thousands of years. Neuroscientists, biologists and psychologists are now sharing the data.
Try it as a strategy.  Even better, try it as your purpose. And watch what happens to your life, your business, career, your relationships.  
If you want to explore the “feeling good” and discover what that could personally mean for you, I invite you to join me at the next Desire Map Workshop in Vancouver in May.  I promise you will leave knowing yourself more deeply, and being clearer about how you, unique you, can use your most desired feelings as your GPS

If you’re already living your life according to this knowledge, I’d love to know, so please a leave a comment below and tell me about it.

With love,

Jenny X

PS. For data driven folks, check out the work of the following people, and there’s many more: Emma Seppala, Bruce Lipton, Barbara Fredrickson. Or if you want the curated info (for yourself or a business case) let me know and I'll send you a great paper I've put together called The Science of Happiness!