Let's not confuse satisfaction with complacency.

One is about feeling appreciative of where you are, what you have, what you’re doing so far, and who you are, right now.  

The other is about settling.  About accepting the status quo and not caring about more. 

Satisfaction is a feeling based on a belief that you are doing your best, with what you know, in that moment. (My perspective of your best as in Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements) And from that authentic appreciative place, you are eager for more. You are hungry for more. More ideas, more growth, more inspiration, more solutions, more freedom, more happiness and more love. For everyone.   

Complacency lacks momentum. It stops you from moving forward. Limiting.

Satisfaction does not have to lead to complacency.  That’s your choice.

Satisfaction is a good measure of how happy you are. Oooh - I know, I actually said that!  Think about it. Satisfied and eager for more.  An empowering way to feel.  Check it out for yourself. 😃


If you’re interested in rating your satisfaction levels in your life…. try this exercise:

Get a large blank piece of paper and pen.  Draw a big circle. Draw lines through the circle, from 12 to 6; 3 to 9; and 2 more diagonally.  Something like this:

blank wheel copy.jpg

In each piece of the wheel, write an area of your life that is important to you. Here’s a high level list that you can use, but please use words or areas that are meaningful to you:

Health; Work/career/business; Family; Key relationship; Friends; Financial Prosperity; Recreation/Hobbies/Fun; Growth/development; Spirituality; Community/contribution.  Add more pieces if you need to. And please look at your entire life.

Next, for each life area, rate your satisfaction level by asking yourself this question:  

1.     On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being fully satisfied and 1 being hardly at all) how satisfied am I?

Once you’ve rated all the areas, sit back and look at your wheel. Answer these 2 questions: 

2.     What do you notice?  

3.     Which life area can you improve your satisfaction level on, such that it would have the biggest impact on the other areas?


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With love,

Jenny X