Can you take that fire and let it burn through you? 

When you feel it rage, the flames licking your insides... like a fever… wanting to devour.

Can you allow it to breathe, for as long as it needs or wants to? Can you allow it to fuel your passion? To ignite your love? To breathe a huge gust of life into you? Or to cleanse or heal or simply burn up the past?  Your rage... or your love... until it soothes and calms. 

Or do you rush to put it out?  Leash it, contain it .... until it eats you up from the inside out... in anxiety or fear or submission. 

Can you allow it to burn through you in a way only you can know how... in that moment?

Take it to the gym and pump iron with your kick ass playlist on high, singing loudly. Or allow it move your body in rhythm and dance. Or run it on the trail? In the mountains, in the park, letting nature be your partner in rage. Or stroke your skin with a fierce love and a gentle hand, showing your body and soul your undying devotion?  

Whatever YOU WANT.  It's your fire. It's your life. YOURS. You are so free, you can choose bondage. What do you choose? 


With love,

Jenny X


Photo cred: unknown