Expectation is the marriage between desire and belief.

We can not live beyond our beliefs.

If you have a desire, and don’t really believe you can have it, then you don’t really expect it.  And if you don’t expect it, it will not happen. It will not come to you. You will not achieve it.

There’s been a lot of talk about expectations being too high. That’s bogus. That comes from people who haven’t learnt how to match their beliefs to their desires.

People who have realized their desires, who know how to turn their dreams into reality, have a very strong belief in themselves and in potentialities. And therefore, have a very high sense of expectation.  Sure, they may wobble at times, some doubt may creep in occasionally. (We’re all human, living on planet Earth, in this time space reality.)  However, they do not allow themselves to listen to the naysayers, they do not allow themselves to pay attention to anything that may weaken their belief or lower their expectation.

I invite you to play with this idea. Think about it. Feel your way through it. (Perhaps you already know this.)

The fabulous news is...?  We can learn how to match our beliefs to our desires.

We can learn how to use our mind, our thoughts and our feelings, to bridge the gap until we can see it, feel it and be it.  And then IT will be realized in our manifested lives. We can all learn to expect the best of ourselves (and of each other), to expect to have what we want, and to believe in ourselves.  We can train our minds to focus only on what will empower and serve us. And whatever we focus on is where our attention and energy goes. And hence, what will grow into fruition. We can all learn some fundamental premises that will enable us to do this with faith and love in our hearts and the understanding of our true powerful nature.

The entire universe is designed to be a co-operative component to our desires. We are made of the same stuff. Let’s all live it.


With love,

Jenny X

If you have a desire that you don't fully believe in yet and would like to bridge that gap, you can book a complimentary discovery session with me here. We'll explore your desires and expectations, and see what our best options are for working together. XO


photo cred: Peter Cummins