One day I met a guy, who, in the course of our conversation, said to me “You’re a coach. You’re part of the solution.”  I liked that. I liked that he recognized the impact of my work and that I was on the side of goodness.

A few days later, I met another guy, who, in the course of our conversation, said to me “You’re a coach. You’re part of the problem.”  (No kidding, word for word!)  I thought, WHAT? How can he say that? Why does he even think that? Doesn’t he know the good and positive impact my work is having on the world? I am teaching empowerment and self-actualization and helping people create happiness and success. How can I be part of the problem?  (He proceeded to tell me.)

The moral of this story is: don’t care what anybody thinks. Even if it’s good! Even if they approve. Don’t care.

Because if you care what someone else thinks about you, and what you do, you’re doomed to be bouncing around at the mercy of someone else’s perceptions, their filters of life, their agenda. Mother, father, best friend, new friend, colleague, neighbour, lover… don’t care. They’re not you. 

Only care what you and your Inner Being (Soul, Source) think. Stand firmly rooted in your truth, in the knowing of who you are, and be and do your best.

End your day satisfied because you gave your best to the world, in whatever way you’ve chosen to express that. Regardless of who approved and who didn’t.


With love,

Jenny X

Photo cred: Deanna Flinn

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